Qeshm Iceland

Qeshm Iceland

Qeshm is the biggest Island located in the strait of Hormoz and it has a wonderful wild life.One of the most amazing attraction of Qeshm is its Hara forest that has mangrove trees(UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE).


Hara Marine Forests (Mangrove Jungle), According to environmentalists, about 1.5% of the world birds and 25% of Iran's native birds annually migrate to Hara forests, which is a national park. It's a vast mangrove tree forest that depending on if it's high or low tide partially grows under water. You can rent small open top speed boats there to take you around and into the many water ways in the forest.

While it is possible to go at low tide, boats can only actually go inside the forests at high tide so it is advisable to time your visit there. Souvenirs and a small restaurant serving mainly locally caught fish at the site of boat rental. 

Qeshm desert. A bit west of Qeshm there is a small but beautiful desert part with super soft sand and actual dunes. It's accessible by a 4x4 car, while locals also go in there with their mopeds


Namakdan salt cave & dome. Located in the Geopark on the west of the island, around 100km from Qeshm town, these incredible salt caves are worth a visit. The gate keeper will give you head torches to enter the caves. You can visit the main cave which is near the car park without a guide, but there are numerous other caves in the network which are several km walk away. It is recommended you have a local guide to show you through the caves and the desert between underground sites.

Star Valleys. Beautifully surreal valley that is untouched nature. Awesome spot to take photos. It's nice and quiet and a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. They close at 7 but as sunset usually is not later than 6 there is enough time to get back to the entrance by then

Chahkouh Valley, (Around 15km west of Tabl). One of the most famous Geosites is this spectacular series of valleys. The amazing rock formations were created by water running through the valley at various speeds, resulting in twisted formations, deep holes and narrow passages. The valley is a short walk (~500m) from the car parking but wear proper shoes so you can scramble up the steep sides - a good local guide will show you a route to the top where you have amazing view of the valley, and of the tourists far below.

Laft Historical Port. The historic part of Laft is on the northern part of the island. There are beautiful badgir (wind catching towers like in Yazd) and old houses.

Lodges are small ships in the Persian gulf ,the oman sea and the Indian Ocean.it is interesting to know that the lengs are a part of qeshm handicraft ,it is actually a  science that every artist learns from his father who has been empricially transferred from generation to generation among the people of this village. 

Portuguese Castle. Centrally located in Qeshm Town near the port, this historic castle is partially intact but there is not much to see here.

Naaz islands.

There are no inhabitants on these islands, and only local fishermen have created several shades for their resting place on the islands. It is also worth mentioning that the area is one of the favorite destinations for tourists.

naaz Islands is located 22 km from Qeshm and 1 km from the east coast of the island. The total area of ​​the islands is about 3 hectares, and there are no sandy beaches, as well as rocky walls with a height of five to ten meters around it. The island is completely flat

At the time of the tide, for a short time, slabs of land will connect the cute island to Qeshm Beach. There are no inhabitants on these islands, and only local fishermen have created several shades for their breaks in the islands.

The naaz Island, some 50 years ago, has a residential aspect and is used more as a fishermen's storehouse. But gradually, this aspect of the user has been reduced, and now it is only used as a place for fishing.

The best time to go to the  Islands is a little before dusk, so you can see this beautiful island and its sunny day, and also see the underwater swimming of half the naaz island and the sandy island between the naaz island and the beach of Qeshm, because of the fashion at dusk. .

The natives of Qeshm also called these islands. Two, where half a day is inside the water and half a day is connected to the dry land. As it was mentioned, at the time of the tide and with the full recovery of the sea water, for a short time, the slopes of the land, the island naaz to Qeshm Beach.

Kharbas caves. The Khorbas cave is placed in 10 km away and south west of Qeshm city. Khorbas Cave is a natural cave and its small passageways are created by erosion. Then, in the historical periods, these small passageways have been expanded and improved. According to its architectural and rocky form and numerous historical monuments and sites around it, we can say that it belongs to the historical period of (Parthian and Sassanid most likely). 

Crocodile farm.  

  • Qeshm roof.


  • Meet friendly people and listen to the traditional music.
  • Embrace village life with homestay instead of staying in a hotel
  • Hiking around the islands
  • Speedboat to Hengam Island to watch the dolphins

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